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General Hiring Procedures


Approved Off-Campus Employers

Posting a Job Announcement

If interested in hiring a student employee, submit your job announcement via our free Job Posting Service. The job announcement will be reviewed and then placed on RAMWeb.

Employers must fully comply with the University's Non-Discrimination Policy. If you are hiring a work-study student, you must have a valid contract with Colorado State University and you must determine the student’s work-study eligibility by asking to see proof of the work-study award. Please note that the work-study award is specific to an academic term, fall semester only, spring semester only, or the entire academic year.

Hiring a Student Employee

1. Post your job in JobX and review applicants.  Hire your candidate in JobX and indicate whether your agency will complete a background check.  If a new hire, please see #2 below.  If a continuing employee, once Student Employment received the hire request in JobX, we will notify both you and the student of hiring status. 

2. New off-campus work-study employees must schedule an appointment with Student Employment Services (491-5714) to complete personnel/payroll forms. 

3. Important: The student must not begin work until all necessary paperwork is complete. The employer and student will receive an “Eligible to Work” email stating they have completed all hiring documents and are approved by Student Employment Services to begin work.