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Establishing Job Class & Pay Rates for Student Jobs

Student job classifications and pay rates (grade & step) are assigned by the departments. The classification listed on the Student Job Descriptions must match a description of the actual job.

Employers must provide a clear definition of duties and provide training and supervision.

The employer establishes the hourly rate of pay by:

  • Selecting an appropriate classification commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the position.

  • Evaluating the skills and abilities that the individual brings to the job.

There are 10 levels of pay within each pay grade of a job classification, referred to as steps 1 through 10 on the Student Employee Wage Structure, and distinguished by degrees of job performance expectations. See the Student Pay Scale for list of approved job classifications and pay rates.

It is highly recommended that the Student Employee Evaluation form be used to periodically evaluate the employee and recognize the employee's work performance.